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StabConf - Virtual Stablecoin Conference

Amandeep Sonewane | Sep. 20, 2019
StabConf - Virtual Stablecoin Conference
Date Jan. 16, 2018 - Jan. 17, 2019
Venue Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Start 12:25 (GMT)
Speaker Iqbal AliKhan
Discount Code 7market-Keira20
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StabConf is the world's first virtual conference on the state of stablecoins and the future of decentralized mediums of exchange. It will give you an opportunity to learn all the latest developments in this promising market and connect with all the right influencers and professionals.

哪个平台能玩腾讯分分彩五星The vision for StabConf is in-line with the vision of BlobFlow: To combine the best minds in the stablecoin space and to consolidate efforts in the development of decentralized mediums of exchange, in order to faster empower mass adoption of blockchain technologies worldwide.


哪个平台能玩腾讯分分彩五星StabConf is a Virtual Online Conference spanning 24 hours straight to cover all time-zones. Audience members are able to join any time slots that are the most interesting and convenient for them.

  • Live Talk — Why Pegging to Fiat Makes the Most Sense for Stablecoins
    Kory Hoang
  • Live Talk — Stablecoins and Exchanges
  • Live Talk and Q&A — A Multipolar World of Decentralized Mediums of Exchange
  • Break and Socialize - Virtual Meeting Space
  • Live Debate — The Need for Stablecoins and Their Use-Cases
  • Stablecoins 101
  • Live Talk — How to Market a Stablecoin


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