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Royal Chief Analyst: EA Trading requires strong money management

Amandeep Sonewane | Sep. 27, 2019
In an exclusive interview with AtoZMarkets, Royal's Chief Analyst puts his opinion about EA trading tool and believes it requires strong money management.
A board member of European Central Bank (ECB) has argued that stablecoins like Facebook's long-awaited Libra coin pose risks to public policy priorities.
Will Bitcoin price reach $31000 by 2021?
Amandeep Sonewane | Sep. 12, 2019
PlanB's model explains that the next peak for Bitcoin will lead price to jump towards $31,000 mark by 2021.
Bitcoin Dominance: Is It Still #1?
Samson Ononeme | Aug. 19, 2019
While bitcoin rallies a bull market, altcoins are left in the dust. Here’s why bitcoin dominance is still number 1, and what to expect from altcoin.
While Bitcoin is becoming the preferred safe-haven asset choice, every day the world is getting a step closer for the next economic crisis.
Binance warns about a new dusting attack on Litecoin users, whilst Daniel Gorfine resigns as CFTC Fintech Chief. Welcome to AtoZ Crypto weekly overview.
Nigeria look positive at cryptos, and Ripple jumps high Know the latest unlicensed bitcoin exchange detected in the U.S, why was Roger Ver denied a visa
During a panel meeting at the European Congress, experts from Innopay, Swift, and Ripple discussed the evolution in the European financial services markets
US mounts pressure on Iran as it is preparing for a potential Iranian attack by reinforcing troops in the middle-east region.
Global economy shows rising growth rates against previous estimates and expectations of a further slowdown based on disappointing data from the last quarte
Tesla plans to raise $2.3 billion through bond and stock offering. How did this impact the stocks? Find out in today's global stock market analysis.
Is Bitcoin the answer to surviving the next financial crisis? This question is pertinent as the potential for a global recession appears to be increasing.